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Information regarding Covid-19 and Our Practice
Unfortunately it is impossible to carry out social distancing in dentistry, also certain treatments generate aerosols which can remain airborne for upto 8 hours.
We have always worked to the highest standards of cross-infection for the safety of our patients and staff. Our treatment rooms have access to IQ air filters however we cannot guarantee that there is no possibility you can contract Covid 19 at our premises.
COVID-19 has been show to cause mild to severe symptoms, and in small percentage of patients can cause death. This risk increases if you are over 60, or if you have an underlying medical condition and we would ask patients in particular in these 2 groups to consider how essential the need of an appointment at this time.
As part of our new treatment protocol we ask that you read the following before attending;
1. If you are showing signs of a respiratory infection please DO NOT attend the practice, speak to reception for further advice.
2.If you have been in close contact with a COVID-19 case in the last 2 weeks or have been told to self-isolate please do not attend the surgery.
3.Before attending please wash your hands thoroughly and use the bathroom at home as at this time we cannot offer toilet facilities.
4.Please wait outside the practice before your appointment, you will receive a text that you can respond to and you will be escorted into the practice.
5.You will be asked to sanitise your hands and your temperature may be taken.
6.Try to avoid wearing jackets and coats into the practice and if you do please leave them on.
7. Where possible attend the surgery alone, if a parent or guardian needs to attend only 1 other person  will be allowed.
8. We will discuss your dental treatment in the patient waiting area and then enhanced personal protective equipment will be worn which when you are seen in the treatment rooms which may make further conversation difficult.
At this time we may find it difficult to answer the phone, please leave a message or alternatively email the practice through our contact page.
Due to enhanced cleaning procedures that will be carried out between each patient we currently have a reduced number of appointments available at present and are dealing with a backlog of patients.
At present to aid social distancing our practice cannot accept patients without an appointment.
We appreciate your patience while we try to return to a normal service.
Thank you for your understanding.
The Oak Dental Practice
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